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Trailer chassis in galvanized steel framework construction.

Two galvanized braked trailer axles with rubber torsion suspension.

Four wheels with tire dimensions 185 R 14 C and plastic mudguards.

Height adjustable drawbar with overrun device – ball coupling or DIN-towing eyelet.

The drawbar is easily removable during the setup of the stage.



Supporting structure in galvanized steel construction.

Four mechanized, folding jacks for lifting and leveling of the trailer chassis.

Folding floors at both sides of the trailer with perfect compensation of the weight by means of heavy torsion springs.

Stage floor in all-weather plywood with antiskid surface – permissible load 500 kg/m²

Folding support legs with automatic locking system in vertical position.

Adjustable level with telescopic part and automatic locking spindle.

Height adjustable stairway with 6 steps and removable handrails at both sides.

The stairway can be set up at the entire circumference of the stage floor. Removable guardrails at back and both sides of the stage.


Roof structure

Arched roof in high quality aluminum truss construction ( Prolyte® ).

The tarpaulin is permanently fixed to the roof structure and follows the

translation of the aluminum trusses.

Four telescopic poles – lifting system with removable handle at the back of the trailer.

Vertical truss at each corner of the stage with ¼-rotation fixing.

Permissible load up to 800 kg divided over the 4 aluminum trusses.

Possibility of line-array speakers at front stage.

Possibility of side wing extensions with Prolyte® compatible trusses.

Reversible stage: the stage front can be oriented to the left or the right side of the trailer






Escenario Móvil Cerrado
Transporte del escenario móvil como cualquier remolque
Despliegue Escenario
Se abren las alas laterales que forman el piso
Elevacion del techo
Se ilstalan las columnas de las esquinas del escenario
Montaje Final
Instalación de equipos